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Dec 19, 2022 | Pools & Spas

Few things can enhance a yard quite like a pool. Not only will a pool significantly improve the yard’s appearance, but it’ll also open it up to a lot more fun and relaxation.

Interested in installing a pool in Rosenberg, TX? Looking for a Rosenberg, TX, pool builder? Look no further than St. John’s Pools.

We build pools of all sizes and styles. Regardless of the pool design that you’re looking for, our skilled and seasoned team can help. Contact us today to get the pool-building process started!

A Variety of Home Swimming Pool Services

Here at St. John’s Pools, we provide a range of home swimming pool services. These include the following:

New Pool Construction

Looking to build a brand new pool? We’re the ones to call. We build custom pools of all kinds and can turn a backyard into a vacation resort.

Whether you want a standard pool with simple surroundings or an irregularly-shaped pool with luxurious touches, our skilled and experienced team can accommodate you. We work with several materials and can deliver your pool dream to you exactly as you envision it.

Contact St. John Pools servicing Rosenberg, TX, today to start the design process!

Rosenberg TX Pool Builder & Design Contractor, new pool construction

Pool Remodeling

Already have a pool? Looking to make some changes to it? If so, St. John’s Pools has you covered.

We’re well-versed in remodeling pools, having updated countless pools throughout the Rosenberg, TX, area. Whether you want to add a wall to the side of your pool, install tiles next to it, or create a change to your pool itself, we can make it happen for you.

We can also carry out standard maintenance and upkeep. For instance, we can fix cracks, add new plaster, and insert new coping.

Interested in installing LED lights? Maybe you’d like to install small flame torches around your pool? We can handle all this and more, transforming your ho-hum pool into the talk of the neighborhood.

Custom Feature Installation

We can also install a range of custom features for you, all of which can help to enhance your pool’s overall vibe, functionality, and aesthetic. From tanning ledges to waterfalls to grottos to waterslides to swim-up bars and much more, we can make them a reality.

Call us now to discuss special features for your pool!

Our Pool Building Process

We follow specific steps in the pool-building process to ensure a proper build that satisfies the client. These steps include:

Meeting With the Client

We start by meeting with the client. During this meeting, we discuss the client’s pool design preferences. These include everything from the pool’s shape to its size, to the materials it’s made from and more.

The goal is to get a rough idea of what the pool will include so we can draw up an official design. At this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions. We’ll also ask many questions to you in an effort to represent your vision as accurately as possible.

Finalizing the Design

Designing a pool is about taking information that the client gives us and synthesizing it so as to create something close to their vision. While we sometimes get it right on the first draw-up, we don’t always.

This is why we meet with the client again to get their okay and finalize the design. We want your pool to include everything that you want it to include. So, the key is to be open with us during this process and work with us to get everything just right.

Building the Pool

Once the design has been finalized, we’ll set out to make it a reality. After we schedule a date to start building, we’ll prepare materials and equipment. We’ll then show up on the agreed-upon date with all hands on deck.

Throughout the build, you’ll have opportunities to speak with us and ensure everything is going smoothly. If you’d like to make any last-minute changes, we’ll do our best to facilitate them for you.

Our end goal is to meet your expectations as closely as possible. In essence, we want you to be overjoyed with the pool that you receive.

Rosenberg TX Pool Builder & Design Contractor

Why Choose Us?

We’re not the only pool contractor in the Rosenberg area. All you have to do is search Google for “inground pool builders near me.” So, why choose us over the others?

For one, we’re experienced. We’ve been building pools in Rosenberg for years and have over 30 years of combined pool-building experience on our side.

We understand not only the building process but the design process as well. As such, we don’t just create pools but backyard getaways, complete with all of the features that a homeowner could ever want in a pool.

Our materials come from only the best suppliers and are both functionally impressive and aesthetically pleasing. Despite this, we offer incredibly competitive prices. Regardless of your budget, we’re sure to be able to build a pool that you’ll enjoy.

Due to our wealth of experience, we’ve created pools of all kinds. So, if you’re looking for swimming pool ideas, we have you covered on that front as well.

In essence, we understand pools. We understand how to design them, build them, and give them both a vibe and an atmosphere. If you’re looking for the best pool builder Rosenberg TX has to offer, look no further than St. John’s Pools.

Looking for a Rosenberg, TX, Pool Builder?

If you are searching for a Rosenberg, TX, pool builder, you don’t need to look any further than St. John’s Pools. We’ve built many pools throughout the Rosenberg area, enhancing countless backyards’ functionality and aesthetics. Our friendly and skilled team can assist you regardless of your pool preferences.

Our skilled and seasoned team covers you from large to small pools to round pools to rectangular pools and more. Contact St. John Pools now to get started!