Custom Metal & Aluminum Patio Covers, Houston

Jan 2, 2023 | Patio Coverings

Complete Guide To Custom Metal & Aluminum Patio Covers

For the first time in the NAHB’s tabulation of data on new homes, the share of new homes with patios surpassed 60% in 2020. However, this number goes up to 73% in the west-south central region.

Of course, the excellent weather is likely what drives this statistic. And when you add a patio cover, you can use your patio space at any time. Regarding patio cover material, vinyl and aluminum are the top choices for homeowners.

Yet, we think aluminum patio covers in Houston are an excellent investment for your outdoor space. Continue reading to see why!


Which Is Better: Vinyl or Aluminum Patio Covers?

Vinyl and aluminum are both excellent choices for patio covers and are comparable in many ways. They are both affordable, durable, and easy to maintain.

However, there are a few reasons homeowners why an aluminum patio cover in Houston is better than a vinyl one.

First, vinyl cannot handle heavy snow or wind loads. Although Texans don’t need to worry about much snow on their roofs, the Houston area can sometimes get windy. Aluminum stands up better to wind than vinyl.

Second, some homeowners don’t like the feel or look of plastic in their outdoor living space. It can cause a more unnatural look in an area that you want to look naturalistic. This is because vinyl is usually only available in limited colors, none of which are the earthy tones you may desire. Thus, homeowners may shy away from vinyl because it may look less appealing.

Finally, although vinyl doesn’t require much maintenance, it will start to fade or crack from UV radiation. If there is something we have a lot of in Houston, it’s sunshine, which can cause your vinyl patio cover to need a replacement sooner than its expected lifespan.

Benefits of Aluminum Patio Covers

As you’re starting to see, aluminum has many benefits compared to vinyl. For instance, it is more durable than vinyl because it can stand up better to all adverse weather conditions. This includes:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Sunshine
  • Wind

Aluminum also won’t succumb to pests, mildew, or rot.

Yet, compared with other metal patio covers, aluminum is lightweight. This means you get the durability of a metal structure, but the installation process is less labor-intensive. They also cost less than other metal patio covers.

Further, aluminum is more eco-friendly. Aluminum patio covers are made from recycled materials, and there is no limit on how many times we can recycle the materials. It essentially has an infinite lifespan!

Vinyl can only be recycled eight times, and once you remove the vinyl from your patio, it won’t be used as a patio cover again, only a different item. Eventually, it will end up in a landfill.

When it comes to maintaining an aluminum patio cover, you must give it a gentle clean every once in a while. A little soap and water will keep your patio cover looking spotless. You never have to worry about staining or sealing an aluminum patio cover.

Additionally, aluminum is very customizable, so you can choose any color you want! You can easily match your patio cover to your home’s decor.

FAQs About Aluminum Patio Covers

By now, you may think aluminum patio covers are a sure decision. But let’s cover some frequently asked questions so you truly know you’re making the right choice.

How Long Does an Aluminum Patio Cover Last?

Aluminum patio covers will last several decades. There are different types of aluminum you can choose for your patio cover. If you spend a bit more money on a higher-quality option, you will see its lifespan extended.

For instance, you can opt for aluminum louvers, which are unaffected by the following:

  • Corrosion
  • Decay
  • Fire
  • Pests
  • Sea air

Do Aluminum Patio Covers Get Hot?

Yes, aluminum patio covers can get hot. This is because aluminum retains and conducts heat like any other metal. However, if your space is open and has ample airflow, you shouldn’t experience a notable difference compared to other materials.

The patio cover will still provide much-needed shade, and you won’t feel like a frying egg under it. This is because aluminum is also great at dispersing heat. So even though it heats quickly, it also cools quickly.

Imagine cooking in your outdoor kitchen all day in the sun compared to in the shade. It’s not ideal! An aluminum patio cover will still serve you best.

If you’re worried about the heat, choose a light color for your patio cover. Stone White is the coolest color for a metal roof and a popular choice for homeowners.

Those with a bigger budget may consider insulating their patio roof, which can enhance shade protection. In addition, an insulated patio often has a higher return on investment and can increase your property’s value.

How Much Are Aluminum Patio Covers?

Aluminum is an affordable patio cover material but often costs more than vinyl. Homeowners expect to pay around $3,000 to $5,000 on the lower end and $15,000 to $20,000 on the higher end.

When thinking about price, you must also consider maintenance requirements and lifespan. For example, even though the upfront costs of aluminum will be more expensive than vinyl, the total costs usually end up being less because aluminum doesn’t require much maintenance and lasts longer.

Aluminum Patio Covers in Houston From St. John Pools

So, are aluminum patio covers good? Absolutely! We think aluminum patio covers are an excellent choice for Texans compared to vinyl. The benefits far outweigh any cons. Our customers have been delighted with their aluminum patio covers thus far.

Ready to get your aluminum patio cover? Instead of searching for aluminum patio covers near me, you can contact us at St. John Pools! We offer aluminum patio covers, all other types and designs in Houston and the surrounding areas and much more!

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