Custom Pool Builders Houston

Dec 9, 2022 | Pools & Spas

A swimming pool is a beautiful addition to any home. It gives you a place to beat the heat while also giving the home a touch of elegance. Swimming is a fantastic exercise that can burn anywhere from 200 to nearly 900 calories per hour.

However, once you decide to build a pool, you need to choose the right builders. When it comes to a greater Houston metro area pool builder, St. John Pools is a clear choice. Keep reading to find out why we outshine the competition!

Experienced and Professional

Building a pool is a big job and, often, a significant investment. The pool and the ground around it also form a significant portion of your yard. Because of this, you will want the job to be done properly.

However, not every pool contractor has the experience to do the job well. Some will do a lackluster job, and your pool not live up to your standards. In some cases, the job may even be done poorly and will need to be serviced before it should.

Others will drag out the pool construction process. This process will already last weeks and require the use of your yard. This will be even more annoying for lackluster jobs and leave the area a mess.

When you deal with St. John Pools, you are dealing with professionals. We bring over 30 years of combined experience to the table, ensuring that your pool will be built with care. Because of this, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the right hands.

We will be right beside you at every step in the process. From the start, we will walk around the property and work with you to determine precisely how you want the pool to look. We’ll also use our advice and expertise to provide suggestions that will make the pool as beautiful and practical as possible.

Custom Pools

Any pool provides a place for rest and relaxation. However, custom pools go beyond this. These pools are where the absolute highs of pool ownership come into play.

At St. John Pools, custom pools are our specialty. We create custom pools that are like no other and do so with a level of quality that is unmatched. If you are even thinking about a custom pool, you must consider St. John Pools.

Part of the high level of quality we offer comes from our approach to custom pool design. We will meet with you to plan out your custom design. Our professionals will take the location, your personal preferences, and even the style and architecture of your home into consideration when coming up with ideas.

This will allow us to create a pool that perfectly matches the surroundings. Whether this means capturing a specific aesthetic or adding fountains and other flourishes, we will do it.

Visuals are just one part of the design process, though. We also emphasize practicality in our designs. This means we consider what is possible for your location while providing any extra features.

These features are where your imagination and our expertise come together. You can choose to have a pool with grottos and waterfalls or bubblers and swim-up bars. Whatever you want, we can make it happen.

Meet All of Your Needs

Some pool services are only capable of helping with one step in the process. They may build the pool or bring in the equipment, but they don’t do it all. Dealing with companies like these will force you to work with multiple companies to finish one project.

St. John Pools is not a one-trick pony. We will help at every step of the process. We handle the design, build the pool from the ground up, and provide the equipment.

This prevents you from having to do more work. Instead of finding and contracting several companies, we will handle it all.

We are even able to help in the future. Your pool may be ideal when it is installed, but as the year’s pass, your needs may change, and you may want a bigger or smaller pool. In these cases, if you decide to remodel your pool or change something about it, we can even help with that.

Or maybe the idea of customization sounds excellent to you, but you aren’t ready for it quite yet. If this is the case, we will add all the cool features you want whenever you decide you are ready.

On top of all of this, we also offer outdoor living services. We have you covered whether you need a fireplace, a deck, or something else. We can work with you to build your outdoor living options just as we would your pool.


St. John Pools is one of the best pool builders in the Greater Houston Metro Area because we understand the people of Houston. We are based out of Pearland, TX, which gives us an insider’s knowledge of the area. This means we understand and can deal with all of the local laws and regulations regarding pools.

Being local doesn’t just help us understand our customers better; it also allows us to help our customers more. Since we are local, we are only a short drive away. This means you won’t have to wait for hours and hours when we come to work on your pool or help with something.

The Best Greater Houston Metro Area Pool Builder

When it comes to a greater Houston metro area pool builder, St. John Pool is at the top of the pack. Whether you are looking for experience and professionalism or our range of customization options, we have what you need. All you need to do is decide what kind of pool you want!

If you want to start the pool-building process in the Greater Houston Metro area and beyond, contact St. John Pools today!