Screened Porches

We all know about mosquitoes, and don’t you find they bite some of us more than others? They say it is sweeter blood. But anyway, whether they bite you, your family, pets or guests, we undoubtedly do not want them around us.

A screened porch is an excellent idea if you spend much of your time outdoors relaxing or entertaining. But did you know that screened porches can do more? Yes, indeed, they can. A woven mesh screen can block out 80 to 90 percent of the sun’s rays which will keep you cooler on hot sunny days. 

High-quality screens also resist mildew and fading and clean easily. However, if you are looking for all of these benefits screened porches can offer, hiring the best and most qualified screen porch builder is crucial.

The ultimate goal of a screened porch is to extend an outdoor living area that is protected from the elements. Feeling the open air and seeing and hearing the sounds of the garden beyond can be a fulfilling and spectacular experience.

The specialists at St. John Pools can build stand-alone screened porches or part of the structure of the building. To learn more about our outdoor living rooms and patio cover structures for which we can build screens, browse our outdoor living rooms and patio cover & pergola page. You will see the best materials for building your screened porch. In addition, you will see the wonderful amenities you can create within your screened porch.