Pool Houses

Are you interested in pool houses, perhaps one for your backyard?

Before jumping into this investment, one must consider many factors when deciding on the pool house construction. Yes, it is an investment and can be well worth it with the extended lifestyle you bring and the added value obtained to your home or commercial property.

Are you planning on creating a pool house to add more entertainment surrounding your pool, one with a bar and all its amenities? Or do you want a pool house with bathrooms, a washer and dryer for bathing suits and towels, a sauna and more? Have you thought about adding heating, electricity, and an outdoor fireplace?

Say your space and budget are minimal. Then, simple pool houses with an open-air design to shelter from the sun are excellent.

No matter what you desire or the size of your space, the pool house specialists at St. John Pools can design and build the best pool house just for you and your backyard.

The St. John Pools Pool House Process

So you have been searching for pool houses and companies that can build a custom one for you and have found it quite challenging not knowing where to begin. Finally, however, you have luckily landed on this page. So let us make this easy.

Our process begins with an in-person meeting with you, our client, so we can properly assess the space and get an idea of the project’s scope and budget. Once you have decided to hire us, we will create a pool house design while incorporating all that you desire, plus some that you have never visioned. We trust you will be nothing short of amazed.

When the layout and design of the pool house project are finalized, we will begin building. We are passionate about all we do; therefore, we always keep you in the loop as to the steps to ensure you are getting precisely what you want and more. Exceeding our client’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal.