Decorative Patios

Stunning landscape design is not just about your lawn, shrubs and trees – it’s also about patios that invite and, of course, the elements placed on them.

Patios are luxurious hardscape elements that complement your home and outdoor living space. In addition, they boost curb appeal, add something special to your landscape, and increase home value.

The patios we design and build at St. John Pools are, yes; indeed, patios, but we like to refer to them as decorative patios since they are always well-constructed, beautiful and showstopping.

With a reputation of excellence for superior craftsmanship and aesthetically pleasing decorative patios, there is no project too small or too large. No matter the scope, we carefully craft the ultimate decorative patios that execute flawlessly in design and function.

Materials for Decorative Patios

When it comes to your decorative patio, when choosing St. John Pools, you’ll have a wide selection of materials to choose from. While the material choice will largely depend on your budget and needs, it is essential to remember that as you look at it, relax and entertain on it; the material style, color, pattern etc., must be something you love. In addition, one that blends harmoniously with your property’s decor.

Stone, brick, pavers and stamped concrete are among the most popular decorative patio material choices, which we outline below, but certainly not limited to when you hire St. John Pools.


Stone is beautiful, natural and earthy. There are many types to choose such as bluestone, flagstone, travertine, coral stone and much more. Each varies in color and durability.


Brick is a traditional choice and is ideal for those with colonial-style homes as it is crisp and clean.


Pavers are hugely popular as they come in all sizes, shapes, designs and colors. They are made from concrete, though some can look like stone. They are easily replaced when damaged.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is an excellent decorative choice. It can be textured and imprinted to replicate stones such as flagstone and slate and mimic tile and wood.