Patio Covers & Pergolas

At St. John Pools, we understand that the need for additional living space is undoubtedly always desired; however, it must be not only beautiful but functional as well.

When we work with our clients, with this in mind, we focus on each client’s outdoor living space and all the existing elements and new construction, for example, the addition of an outdoor living room with perhaps an outdoor kitchen.

During our discussion planning and designing outdoor living spaces, we know to incorporate all ideas, leaving no ideas unturned. With this being said, for an outdoor living area to be fully functional, considering a patio cover or pergola is highly recommended. Not only will these add more functionality year-round by protecting us from the hot sun rays, rain and wind, but they also add tremendous value to our properties.

Styles of Patio Covers & Pergolas

As there are an unlimited number of patio covers and pergola designs, it is only possible to discuss some. So, here is a brief overview of the types of patio covers and pergolas to get you started on the right track and decide which is best for you.


We start with pergolas. Typically pergolas have columns or pillars with support cross beams upon which vines climb and flourish. They can be attached to a building, a link between two or an entirely free-standing structure similar to an arbor. They are generally open on top but can also have a closed roof.

Pergola Materials

As for pergola materials, choosing is a matter of what is best for you and your architectural decor. The most popular materials are wood, vinyl and aluminum. Various wood, such as pressure-treated lumber, can be stained and painted to complete a natural and rustic feel. Vinyl pergolas boast a clean and classic style. It lasts long and has minimal maintenance. Aluminum pergolas are sturdy with a metal frame. It is indeed elegant, lasts long and is perfect for modern and contemporary design.

Patio Covers

Patio covers generally have solid roofs designed to protect the elements below from sun and rain. They can be attached or detached from a building. There is no limit to the materials, sizes and designs, from simple basic to the most extravagant and for all budgets.

But you must know that to achieve a custom look, hiring a highly knowledgeable and experienced patio cover builder is vital. The patio cover specialists at St. John Pools assure you we are just that.

Patio Cover Materials

Like pergolas, the traditional choices for patio cover materials are wood, vinyl and aluminum. As mentioned, each has its pros and cons while achieving different looks for different architectural designs.