Functional & Beautiful Outdoor Living Rooms

In Texas, we have more than 230 days of sunshine yearly; therefore, homeowners are taking advantage of it. The ability to enjoy outdoor living rooms for most of the year is a great perk of living in Texas.

St. John Pools would like to help you see the many ways to create outdoor living rooms that are an excellent extension of your home. These ideas include outdoor kitchens, bars, fireplaces, fire pits, media entertainment areas and more. So, as an outdoor living room designer and contractor, let’s get started.

What Will Your Outdoor Living Room Be Used For?

Creating a cohesive design between the indoors and outdoors of your home includes not only excellent space planning but also high-quality material selection. Bi-fold doors are being created to start the seamless transition between the interior and exterior of homes. In addition, floor selection is being determined to create the look of one continuous space.

In addition, to a smooth transition, how you will use your new space must be highly considered. Will it be primarily for you to relax and entertain family and friends utilizing a great sound system, or how about watching your favorite football team beat the other team on a big-screen TV outdoors? If you are a foodie and love to cook, considering what type of grill is best is essential.

And as we have mentioned, are you looking for a place for relaxation? How nice would it be to sit under a pergola with an open roof, beautiful plants and flowers intertwined within the posts, while gazing at the midnight stars? And do not forget that fireplace providing warmth on a chilly night and gleaming up the night as well.

If you and your family cannot choose the best way to use your outdoor living room, why not have two? An outdoor kitchen in one with a patio cover and a fireplace with a TV in the other. you now have the best of both worlds.

So, whatever you desire, the outdoor living room specialists at St. John Pools can make it happen. Have a budget? No worries; we will create a great space to fit within your budget.

See below for a few ideas to make a cozy outdoor living room.

  • Potted & Hanging Plants & Florals
  • Decorations
  • Outdoor Furniture Set
  • Throw Blankets & Pillows
  • Add Lighting
  • Incorporate a Rug
  • Fireplace or  Fire Pit
  • Patio Table
  • Umbrellas