League City TX Pool Water Features with Character

Sep 4, 2022 | Pool Water Features

There is nothing like beating the heat by retreating to a backyard pool. This is why Houston, League City and other areas around Texas are among the cities in America with the highest percentage of swimming pools. 

However, many people eventually get tired of their traditional pool design. They want to jazz up their poolside experience with something energetic. This is where a water feature comes into play. 

Many people wonder, “can I add a water feature to my pool?” The answer is yes! Keep reading to explore ideas about what type of water feature you should add!

Fountains and Jets

Fountains and jets are a great addition to any type of swimming pool. These are versatile features that can match the overall tone you are looking for. 

Some pools are fun and family-focused. In these pools, a bubbler fountain in the shallow end makes the area feel like a water park. If a few jets focus on this area, it opens up even more opportunities for fun in the water. 

Other pools are focused on being classy and elegant. A bubbler fountain in a spa area makes the location seem even more luxurious and relaxing. Meanwhile, a pool flanked by a line of jets feels like a Roman bath. 

In either case, these custom water features add a lot to the area. 

League City TX Pool Water Features with Character, bubblers

Waterfalls and Cascades

When planning a pool remodel, waterfalls and cascades should be considered. 

Rock waterfalls are a trendy element of water feature design. These waterfalls give the area a sense of natural beauty. They make a regular pool feel like a hidden grotto. 

Cascades are another pool design feature that exudes elegance. A long cascade running across a section of the pool looks beautiful. The same can be said about a few individual cascades placed at specific points throughout the pool. Scuppers and sconces can be installed in pots and retaining walls at the pool’s edge.

For another idea, consider a sheer descent. This type of waterfall is genuinely captivating. It is a clear arc of water that projects away from the swimming pool and looks like a thin glass sheet. The flow can be adjusted from almost silent to the sound of a rushing mountain waterfall.

League City TX Pool Water Features with Character, waterfalls

Spa Spillovers and Infinity Pools

Spillovers and infinity pools are some of the best examples of water features that add a striking element to a pool. These are bold features that instantly stand out. However, at the same time, they flow well with the vibe of the pool itself. 

A hot tub or a spa area can connect to a pool through a spillover. This gives the entire pool area a sense of unity, as the water all looks like it is flowing together. 

Infinity pools are simply incredible. They give the impression that you are swimming in an endless sea while adding a spillover feature. This is why they are the centerpiece of hotels and resorts in many international destinations

League City TX Pool Water Features with Character, spa spillovers

Can I Add a Water Feature to My Pool? 

If you started this article wondering, “can I add a water feature to my pool?” then, now, you should know that the answer is yes. There are plenty of water feature possibilities out there. All you have to do is pick the one or more that works best for you!

If you are looking for a custom League City, TX, pool water feature designer, make sure to check out St. John Pools. We assure you that the water features we will design and build for your League City, TX, pool will bring soothing sounds and a beautiful ambiance. We offer new inground swimming pool construction and simple to large pool remodels and renovations.