Katy TX Pools & Spas: Creative With Character

Sep 15, 2022 | Pools & Spas

In Katy, TX, throughout Texas and the world, when most people think of pools, the image that immediately comes to mind is a large, unadorned rectangle of water. While pools like these are fun, they can be much better.  

Custom inground swimming pools have the potential for more than any other type of pool. Fully customized pools & spas are a place where creativity and character blossom while also serving as a place for fun and relaxation.

Keep reading to learn more about this side of pool design and how to start working with Katy, TX, pool builders.  

The Benefit of Pools & Spas

There are plenty of reasons to consider pools and spas. The most obvious of which is that they are enjoyable. They provide a place to relax and have fun while beating the heat. 

Pools also add value to a home. This is particularly true in warm places where the pools will often be used. This is why Katy, TX, pools are particularly lovely. 

Finally, pools and spas give a backyard a centerpiece. There is nothing like walking into a yard and seeing a beautiful pool and spa right before you. 

The Benefit of Customization

While the benefits listed above apply to almost any in-ground swimming pool or spa, other benefits only apply to a custom pool or a custom spa. 

One of the biggest of these is the ability to add features to a regular pool. Whether you want waterfalls, jets, bubblers, ledges, lighting, or an entire swim-up bar, customization allows you to have it. 

Customization also helps unify the concepts within your backyard. Waterfalls and grottos give an exotic vibe that your yard’s decor can replicate. Meanwhile, a spa spillover or a rolled edge spa helps to ease the transition from spa to pool. 

Katy TX Pools & Spas: Creative With Character

Getting Your Custom Pool and Spa

Starting the process of getting your own pool or spa is easy. In fact, it is so easy that anyone can do it. 

First off, consider your current situation. If you already have a pool or spa, the question becomes how you want to customize it and update it to a fresh look. This will become a matter of remodeling your current backyard into something more beautiful, functional and overall better. 

If you don’t already have a pool or spa, you are dealing with a blank canvas. In this case, you simply need to reach out to a builder and begin the process. They will be able to work with you and let you know what is possible and what is not based on the layout of your yard and the existing elements. No two backyards are precisely the same, and neither is the homeowners’ lifestyle. What your new custom pool and spa will be used for can be quite different from your neighbor.

As you hire your pool builder and go through the initial consultation, followed by a quote, design of shape and size, additional features and other essential elements, it’s essential to consider the regular pool maintenance that your new pool will require once its completed

Katy TX Pools & Spas: Creative With Character

Custom Pool and Spa Designs

When you hire the right professional custom pool and spa builder, the design options can be limitless; from attached spas, detached spas, raised or other, to different sizes and shapes, and the list goes on. If you want something different, beware of a builder who constructs cookie-cutter-style pools. And you must know there are many out there.

For Completely Customized Katy TX Custom Pools & Spas

Customized pools & spas that are unique to you and your backyard have the potential to elevate a lifestyle to the next level, and who would not like to do that?

If you are interested in unique and innovative custom pool and spa design for your Katy, TX home, make sure to reach out to the award-winning pool builders serving Katy, TX, St. John Pools to learn more!