7 Exclusive Texas Backyard Living Ideas

Jan 10, 2023 | Texas Backyard Living

Texas Backyard Living Ideas Not to Miss

The numbers don’t lie. Outdoor living in Texas (and worldwide) continues to rise in popularity. Experts say the global outdoor living structure market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% until 2028.

Homeowners keep demanding the construction of dining and leisure areas, driving growth. In particular, patios and pergolas are the highest requested.

But considering all the Texas backyard living ideas can feel overwhelming with many options and design choices. So here we’ll let you in on six exclusive backyard ideas you don’t want to miss.

1. Outdoor Living Rooms and Kitchens

The top Texas backyard ideas almost always include an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. You can opt for a satellite or supplementary kitchen with additional cooking elements, like a grill or pizza oven.

These kitchens are typically located just outside the door of the indoor kitchen for easy access to the essentials inside.

Conversely, you may also construct an independent kitchen equipped with everything your indoor kitchen has and possibly more. This includes:

  • Oven and stovetop
  • Prep area
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Storage

If you love entertaining, take your outdoor kitchen to the next level with a beer tap or wine cooler. Whatever you think about installing in your home’s kitchen can also be installed in your outdoor kitchen.

Next, you’ll want a dining and living area. This provides ample space for you and your guests to enjoy all the meals you cook in your outdoor kitchen and relax after eating. When you install a patio cover, you can invest in high-quality, plush outdoor furniture that won’t succumb to adverse weather conditions.

You can even add a TV to watch your favorite sports throughout the year.

While you may think these features are only for luxury backyard living, outdoor living rooms and kitchens can fit within almost any budget.

7 Exclusive Texas Backyard Living Ideas

2. Indoor – Outdoor Merge

One of the most common outdoor patio trends is the merge. However, there are several ways to merge the spaces. One idea is to use large glass doors that open to a porch or deck.

Another is to use earthy materials, like stone or marble, to create a coherent design scheme. Some homeowners install an enclosed veranda or pergola with a garden, too.

3. Climate-Resilient Gardens

The days are over of every Texas home having Bermuda Grass. Now, homeowners want unique lush gardens and native plants that are climate-resilient. With water restrictions and droughts, incorporating native plants can help keep your yard looking fresh even during the dry summer months. In addition, this helps cut down on maintenance costs.

Yet, homeowners want more than plants that will survive harsher weather conditions. They also wish to have gardens that produce fruits and vegetables. There is nothing better than harvesting and cooking your own food. You can start small by planting tomatoes and herbs, then work up to more of your favorite produce.

4. Privacy Structures

Privacy is always a concern for homeowners, and if you have a luxurious outdoor space, you don’t want to attract the wrong crowd to hang around or get any ideas about breaking into your home.

While some use a wall or fence, you don’t need to build these features to have privacy. Many homeowners use vertical plating to create a privacy screen, especially in smaller spaces. You could also make a fence incorporating plants to elevate the outdoorsy feel.

Bonus: Social Front Yard Spaces

While it’s essential to create privacy in your backyard, you can use your front yard to create an inviting and social space. Homeowners, especially those living in the suburbs, find the need for social connections more critical than ever.

The best part is that front yards are less formal than backyards, so you can incorporate a simple design that lets your neighbors and community members know you’d love to have them over for a cold beverage and chat.

A small table, comfortable bench, or swing are all excellent ways to bring your front yard to life.

5. Mood Lighting

When designing your backyard, it can be easy to forget some minor details, like lighting. While you may have great natural light during the day, chances are you also want to enjoy your space after the sun goes down.

Not only will outdoor lighting make your space more functional, but it also makes it safe. You don’t want anyone to trip and fall while visiting your home.

Besides, outdoor lighting can create drama by using black lanterns filled with fairy lights or installing curvy pendant lights. Those looking for small backyard ideas may consider a glamorous chandelier to light the patio.

fire feature is another standard lighting option. Fire pits are quickly becoming the most sought-after backyard feature because they provide a place to relax and find peace year-round.

6. Water Features

While outdoor living in Texas usually isn’t complete without a swimming pool, there are other water features to consider, like fountains, that are becoming more popular in hardscaping.

If you’re looking for backyard ideas on a budget and cannot afford a pool, a fountain, bubbler, or birdbath can still bring the tranquility of running water without the cost of constructing a pool.

7 Exclusive Texas Backyard Living Ideas

Texas Backyard Living Ideas

While we’ve outlined six amazing Texas backyard living ideas here, there are thousands of other backyard trends to consider. Luckily, our Texas backyard outdoor living team at St. John Pools can help you sift through all the outdoor space ideas and help build your dream yard.

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