The Perfect Water Features for Pools of Different Sizes

The Perfect Water Features for Pools of Different Sizes

Water features can really set a Houston swimming pool apart and make it unique. They are an important part of planning your new pool construction. Before selecting water features for your swimming pool, it’s important to consider not only the shape but also the size of your new aquatic retreat. Below are some tips for choosing the best water features for an inground pool of any size.

Water Features for Small Pools

Having less space in and around a small swimming pool can make choosing the perfect water feature difficult. Not only are the water features themselves important, but also their placement. Typically, most of them work best by being positioned at one or both ends of the pool. That way, swimmers still have room to comfortably swim in the pool without having to worry about any obstructions or obstacles.

  • Consider building a rocky grotto or stacked stone wall with a tumbling waterfall at one edge of the pool so it doesn’t take up any of the actual swimming area.
  • Deck jets take up almost no space and can be placed around the pool as an attractive and on-trend pool water feature.
  • Sheer descents are gorgeous and project a flat cascading sheet of water that adds sound and motion while taking up very little space.

Water Features for Large Pools

The more space you have, the more choices you have when it comes to water features. The key is not to go overboard and try to stick to a theme or create a particular atmosphere with the features that you select. For example:

  • Grecian style pools do well with ornate free-standing fountains, statues, and spilling water bowls.
  • Modern or contemporary pools should opt for more sleek water features, such as sheer descents, infinity edges, fire bowls, and scuppers.

Water Features Suitable for All Pools

Some swimming pool water features will work with almost any size or style of pool:

  • Inground spas with an added spillway
  • Custom LED lighting
  • Laminar jets that add a touch of color to deck jets

With so many different designs and styles of water features available for Houston swimming pools, choosing the right one for your pool and patio can be overwhelming. We invite you to contact the professionals here at St. John Pools to talk about designing your new swimming pool and choosing the perfect water features.

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