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Fiberglass Pools

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St. John Fiberglass Pools, Spas and Patios is one of the top fiberglass pool builders in the state of Texas. As a five-star dealer we have the ability to offer a wide verity of models to accommodate our clients needs. St. John Pools will assists you in designing a beautiful outdoor oasis incorporating the fiberglass pool model and patio of your dreams. St. John Pools experienced staff of designers is eager to visit with you. Scheduled your free in home consultation today CONTACT

Why Fiberglass Pools 

Choosing a Fiberglass Pool is a solid investment in your property with long lasting durability. St. John Fiberglass Pools offers high-definition, gel coat surfaces that create a unique look that no other pool offers with the benefits of a non-porous surface. Contact St. John Pools to take a look at the many beautiful, high-definition colors available.

Top 10 Reasons Fiberglass Pools are so Popular 

1. Less Maintenance

It has become a known fact that Fiberglass pools no longer carry the stigma that ‘pools are a lot of work’. In fact, most fiberglass pool owners spend less than 15-30 minutes a week in total maintenance.

2. Work Great with Salt

As many pool builders will tell you, Salt Systems for all its wonders, is abrasive to many surfaces. What’s this mean to you? Well, it simply means you’re going to have to resurface your concrete pool much sooner. But as for a Fiberglass Pool, salt is not a concern on the pool surface.

3. Less Cost 

Fiberglass Pools and concrete pools may cost the same initially, but long term, due to the chemical, maintenance and resurfacing possibility a Fiberglass Pool is typically much more cost effective. 

4. Quicker Install 

Who wants a pool guy in their yard for months? Answer: Nobody. In fact, fiberglass pools are often completed, including decking, in 2-3 weeks time. This means less stress for homeowners, neighbors, pets, etc.

5. Much Easier on the Feet

Fiberglass Pools offer a smooth service unlike the pebble plasters that have become popular in traditional concrete pools. 

6. More Appealing to Potential Home Buyer

Swimming pools will add upwards of 16%-20% to the resale value of your home. Making a pool one of the best upgrades available to your home .

7. Much Harder for Algae to Grow

Fiberglass pools have become well known to combat ‘the green monster’ due to their non-porous surface.

8. Seating is Included

Fiberglass pools include built-in steps and benches and many also include tanning ledges a popular feature that always costs more with other types of pools.

9. The Green Advantage 

With all the talk of the environment today, anything that uses less chemicals is a good thing. And when it comes to concrete vs. fiberglass, there’s no question which one uses less. 

10. Sound Structure, Built to Last 

No matter what your soil conditions are, fiberglass is the ideal suitor because it’s flexible enough to bend with shrink/swell, but strong enough to deal with the constant elements over the years.

Lasting Beauty of St. John Fiberglass Pools 

Structural Integrity 

St. John Fiberglass Pools are manufactured under rigid quality-controlled conditions. Starting with 40 mils of gel coat, the thickest in the industry, our manufacture is the originator of the use of vinyl ester resin on swimming pools in the United States, first doing so in 1977, and the unique 5-ply fiberglass stitch mat process. They do not use fillers or cores in the manufacturing process of its pools that may diminish the strength or structural integrity of a pools shell. The use of only the latest technologies assures our customers of a lifetime of worry-free fiberglass pool ownership.

Lifetime Warranty 

A lifetime structural warranty is standard on every St. John Fiberglass Pool. Terms and conditions are available upon request. Further, a meaningful written warranty is given on the cosmetic finish of each St. John Fiberglass Pool.

The Rio Grande is annually one of St. John Pool’s most popular size family swimming pools. It has the capacity to easily accommodate about 20 people, making it perfect for those backyard get-together. The 35-foot length allows the serious swimmer to get through a workout with ease. The Rio Grande is larger than the national average size for an in ground pool. It ranges in depth from 3½ to 8½ feet, which allows ample depth for diving. At the shallow end of the pool are three steps for easy access, and a love seat that spans the width of the pool. The decking around the Rio Grande is as flexible as your imagination. It can include redwood, concrete, tile, or just about anything you desire shaped to produce a dramatic effect in your yard. With the Rio Grande you know you are getting the maximum in swimming pool fun.
The Trinity is one of St. John Pools most stylish designs, with long slender lines and gentle curves that lend a feeling of standing in the shadows of the acropolis in ancient Greece. The Trinity’s Grecian design makes it not only stylish but also practical for small yards and patio homes. This St. John Pool has a depth of 3 feet to 5 feet, and is 11 feet wide by 27 feet in length. The Trinity is one of  St. John Pool’s all time most popular designs, with plenty of both depth and length to allow the swimmer in the family ample room for exercise. The shallow end not only contains the three steps entering the Trinity, but also a long love seat to simply relax in. The deep end has a swim out to which hydrotherapy jets can be easily installed. Choose any decking imaginable to turn your backyard into a Grecian courtyard with the Trinity from St. John Pools.

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