7 Smart Things to Know About Swimming Pool Quotes

7 Smart Things to Know About Swimming Pool Quotes

If you’re considering new pool construction in the Pearland and Houston area you need to be prepared to consider numerous variables and look at all the available options. Since adding a pool to your home is a large project, it is important to take your time making the final decision. A very big part of this decision will be reviewing quotes from different pool builders. To help you out, here are 7 things to look for in swimming pool quotes.

Overall Cost of a Swimming Pool

Look into both the initial cost of pool installation and the overall cost of maintaining a swimming pool over the span of the pool’s life. While a lower-end quote might seem like a good deal, long-term maintenance costs can end up making it more expensive if it’s not well constructed.

Compare Swimming Pool Quotes

Compare the quotes you obtain and eliminate quotes that seem exceptionally high or low. After looking at several pool companies you should have a general understanding of the average costs associated with new pool installation. A quote that comes in extremely high or low could be an indicator that the contractor cannot be trusted.

Look for Other Pool Construction Costs

Find out if the quote includes the cost of insurance during installation. In most areas, the team hired to install your pool will need to be licensed and this may be reflected in your costs. If it is, ensure you are aware of this upfront.

Fully Understand the Pool Quote

Avoid pool contractors that are vague about any of the aspects of pool installation when providing you with a quote. Ask as many questions as you like and make sure that they understand what it is you are looking for.

Make Sure You’re Getting What You Want

Find out what features are included in the price quote that you receive. Some contractors may try to add on additional features that you are not really interested in. Stay focused on what you want, but pay attention to helpful advice and recommendations.

Get a Breakdown of the Pool Quote

Understand how they came up with their price quote. A trusted pool contractor should be able to breakdown their quote and help you understand how they arrived at their final figure.

Don’t Rely Solely on Price

Finally, carefully compare all your options before choosing the company that you want to install your new pool. Don’t simply choose a company based solely on the price tag. Look at all the advantages of each company; you may even get a company with a higher bid to price match a lower quote.

Keep all these tips in mind when you start your search for the right Pearland, Houston, Katy, or Sugar Land pool company. Get a selection of swimming pool quotes and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each prospective pool builder, along with the overall price that you are quoted.

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